3 years ago

New Marimekko Living Room Pillows - Plus a FinnStyle Coupon Code for You!

Lumimarja pillows; Blue Lotte lamp

3 years ago

Chasing Waterfalls (Our Homemade Laundry Room Counter)

Thats right. You can call me T-Boz. Lets talk about our new shelf in the laundry room, which is sporting a sweet arm band waterfall edge and some light natural stain. It was a simple DIY project involving some wood and some stain/sealer for a butc read more...

3 years ago

Adventures in Beekeeping: The Big Honey Harvest

My life is currently a honey-covered disaster.

Thats not even a metaphor, I mean my life is literally covered in honey. Every surface in the kitchen, all of my pots and baking sheets, my computer, the cat, my hair All honeyed. My iPhone cas read more...

3 years ago

DIY Wood Sign

This sign is something we have been talking about making for a while, but we finally got it done this weekend. Football season is just the deadline we needed to kick our butts into gear!

If you don't know our story, my dad passed away sudde read more...

3 years ago

Tiling Kit's Bathroom at Black Feather Farm

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Ok, so as I mentioned in part 1 and part 2 of my recap on Black Feather Farm, Kit (DIYDiva.net) and I didnt really have a set game plan for what we would be doing during my three-day visit. But as I was walking ar read more...